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Cahuelmo Hot Spring

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Cahuelmo Natural Hot Spring



These springs are located at the southeast corner of the spectacular Cahuelmó Fjord.   To access the springs one must take a boat from Hornopirén.   Its popularity now requires advance reservations to assure a pleasant experience for every visitor.  You may purchase a reservation voucher for a fixed, exclusive time slot for your group. 

Camping is limited.

Inquire at Alsurexpediciones to buy vouchers.

You must have a reservation in order to take advantage of these hot springs Alsurexpeditions offers daily boat service to the hot springs with a minimum of 6 people.

The cost of the trip is $30.000 (Chilean pesos), and this includes the transportation and the use of the hot springs. If you decide to stay and camp, you must pay for the camping. Your return trip is included if you decide to stay overnight but if you decide to stay longer you should make a reservation for the return trip and pay your new ticket.



Alsur ExpedicionesPhone (65) 232300


Thermal bath: $ 3000 p/p


Camping : $ 3000 p/p