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Cochamo Valley





Day 1:


Departure from Puerto Varas to Ensenada we will to take the path that leads to the Reloncaví Estuary. Along the way we will see the beautiful Chilean native forests as well Petrohue River Basin, which flows into the sector in a large delta Ralún shown with more visibility during low tide.  Reaching Cochamó a small Andean village we head towards the river of the same name to the point where we cannot keep up with our vehicle and we will continue our tour with a trek of 4 hours. Committing in a valley of lush vegetation and spectacular views of granite walls, accompanied by horses that carried our luggage and also with locals of the area will support us. Depending on weather conditions we will have a thick mud path that will make our journey more exciting and extreme, so it is important to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Finally we arrive to the Cochamó refuge where we spend our 2 nights stay. For those who still have energy, crossing La Junta Valley in search of the huge granite walls in case we have extra time.




 Day 2:

Early in the morning we will take a good breakfast and prepare the snack for our tour. We will see, we will be surrounded by granite mountains and have multiple route options that we could do. We begin with the crossing of  Valdiviana forest of southern Chile to get to the climbing routes we experience the forest, land of condors, foxes and pumas, very difficult to find, but if we are lucky  will  see them. After a few hours of walking we reach the highlands of Cochamó valley with vertical walls of more than 1000 meters. Height of pure granite, climber’s land who frequents the area more and more, coming from around the world trying to discover new routes to enjoy. After our snack, accompanied by a great view, we will walk back to La Junta. Finally prepare a delicious dinner to celebrate the day.




 Day 3:

Early breakfast, we set up our luggage and we start our way back starting with a trek of 4 hours accompanied by horses that carried our luggage, this time with the slope in our favor. The vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Puerto Varas.