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Pumalin Park


Our adventure destination


From steep green fjords, to waterfalls cascading hundreds of feet through thick misty jungle, to entire rivers of hot spring water, Parque Pumalin is truly the epitome of paradise. Its unique topography and profound seperation from modern society has allowed it to become home and refuge to the greatest diversity of wildlife habitat along the entire southern Pacific Coast.


It is home to the Huinay research station, a modern day "Jurrasic Park" type research center performing studies on marine biology and other flora and fauna in the area. In several years of operation alone it has found and identified numerous new species of marine life and today has more waiting to be identified Parque Pumailn and nearby fjords are a special place, truly one of the last places in the world left almost completely untouched by the human footprint. For us, it is a vast paradise ready to be explored and experienced, not by car, or by bus, but in a way that we can walk away touched by its beauty, but having left it exactly how it was and has been for years. This is why we would like to share our adventures with you in this beautiful place.   ALSURexpediciones is tour conccessionary  and you can visit our links for more infomation on each tour at the top of this page.  In a money squeeze Off season dates and extra seats on scheduled 2012/ 13 sea kayaking trips in Pumalin Park are a great way to find a tour discount.


Check our sea kayaking trip specials Andean Fjords Pumalin Park ( 6 days/5 nights ). Travel and Leisure, Mens Journal, and other magazine have featured our sea kayaking trips in Pumalin Park and our trekking in Caleta Gonzalo. We have also been featured in ABC news , the San Francisco Chronicle, and The New York Times.


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