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North Patagonia's Lakes, Rivers and Volcanoes


The discovery of a new park in Patagonia - Chacabuco Valley, Valchak


Come to the Chilean Patagonia Aysen región and  participate directly in the creation of a new park for Chile and the entire world , the future  PATAGONIA park .  Enjoy a privileged climate, a fantastic view of the Patagonian landscape, discovering the abundant wild life especially our famous huemul deer  and much more that this place has to offer and of course the exquisite Patagonian barbecue . Knowing this project is an opportunity to collaborate with the planet,  do something and be aware of life and biodiversity in  our planet.

The future Patagonia National Park and the surrounding areas  are Paradise for adventure. Much of the area of the future park is wide open and easily accessible, making it an ideal place for hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering.  Conservacion Patagonica is still developing trails and hiking circuits in the park, but visitors can rest assured that they will find innumerable options for exploring this landscape.  This is a great área for  Hiking  and Wild life Observation .


Walking through the valleys and up the mountains of the future park is one of the best ways to see this landscape.  Some of the best hikes include Lagunas Altas  the first official trail of the future park, this 23km loop provides a challenging day hike with spectacular views of the entire valley and opportunities to swim in high alpine lakes.


Aviles Valley  one of the trails planned for construction, this route runs up the dramatic Aviles Valley, which connects the Jeinimeni national Park  to the Chacabuco Valley.  Ambitious hikers who want to spent some nights camping can hike up this valley, cross over and head towards Chile Chico on the shores of Lago General Carrera. Even a half-day hike up this valley will provide excellent views of this area. Lago Pepa trail close to the park headquarters, this stunning lake sits above Lago Cochrane. You can either walk there from the park headquarters or drive to the lake and then walk down toward the shores of Lago Cochrane and connect to Cochrane town  
Wild life observation  from herds of guanacos to Chilean flamingos on lagoons, the park contains a wealth of animals.  Also Horseback riding: is a traditional way to move down in Patagonia  The Gauchos still use this way to move around fields , we can arrange horseback rides around the valley. Horses have served as the main mode of transportation in this area for decades, and can be an excellent way to travel and see the area.
In addition to visiting the park, we encourage travelers to explore some of the other natural attractions of this region, which include visiting the border with Argentina and crossing to Argentina to visit Los antiguos town , also you can experience a half day rafting classIII  on the Baker River. 


Boat trip around the marble caves of Lake General Carrera near by  the town of Puerto Rio Tranquilo, on the Carretera Austral and also continuing exploring Carretera Austral will lead you to Caleta Tortel, a small fishing village on the Pacific coast