180º South

The Movie

Thanks to the team of 180  degrees south  and especial thanks to Rick Ridgeway  for for invite me down in Valle Chacabuco to work together in this project  and  help organize  this film locally , it was a great experience working with  you and Tim Lynch , Malloy brother as a director and  the other part of the film crew and also Makohe from Easter island  .

  How lucky I felt to have the opportunity to take care of such great actress Julia Robert while she came to Pumalin to visit her husband who was part of the 180 Degree South.  I think this was something I will never forget 

  I had the chance to share a lot of time with Timmy O’Neill and also great musicians like the vocalist of the group call Shins  Jame Mercer and a great new artist like Mason Jennings ,  well just to be with this great people including  and of course Ivon Shuinard and Dug and Chris Tomkins was a great time and experience in my life .