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Sea kayaking in Pumalin


Our trip schedule are design to see the most of the Pumalin Patagonian fjords as well as wildlife, you never know what kind of weather you will experience. For this reason we have found that mother ship kayaking is the perfect way to experience this wild and rugged area. The mother ship also allows us to cover much greater distances each day and to explore areas that would take more time to reach by sea kayak solo.

Our Mothership


The Cahuelmo was constructed using a unique Patagonian wood, cypress de las Guaitecas, used in Chiloe unique island of Chile in the traditional artwork of experienced Chiloe boat builders, where the constructors. The Cahuelmo offer a cozy wooden interior and comfortable cabin as well as safety and reliability to the trip´. The ship has one main cabin. One bathrooms, the boat captain is normally a skilled local with decades of experience in Patagonian fjords navigation.